Environmental Policy Framework

Theme Goals Actions to Achieve Measure of Success Actions to Date
Company Wide Sustainability      
Energy Use Reduce Energy Usage


Minimise energy usage


Raise awareness amongst the team about energy saving tools


Monitor energy consumption in our office

Quantum of energy use reduces


Investing in sensor lights in our office


Printer settings default to black and white, double sided print


Investment in variable controlled air conditioning


Waste Reduction Reduce initial consumption


Recycle waste created

Query need for material goods pre purchase


Minimise packaging


Focus on recyclable packaging

Reduce quantum of waste


Increase relative proportion of recycling

Separate recycling disposal facilities


Provide cutlery and crockery & re-useable containers to all staff


Travel Footprint Reduce environmental footprint for both commuting and inspections Introduce a green travel plan Reduced car journeys


Increased cycling / running to work


Increased use of public transport


Use environmentally friendly modes of transport

All new vehicles used for company business are electric / hybrid


Car sharing on inspection days


Increase running & cycling to work


Investment in the new office to provide secure bike facilities, shower and lockers


Introduced Cycle to Work Scheme